Getting regular routine gynecological exams and Pap tests (if indicated) are important for taking care of your body and taking responsibility for your sexuality and sexual health.

Here at Rutgers Student Health, students are encouraged to contact us with questions regarding sexuality or reproductive health, even if they have not yet begun sexual activity.  The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that women begin having annual routine pelvic exams shortly after sexual activity begins or if any abnormalities present (irregular periods, vaginal discharge).  The first Pap test should happen after turning 21.

Appointments may be scheduled for:

  • routine pelvic and breast examinations
  • pap tests
  • contraceptive services including emergency contraception
  • sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment 
  • gynecological problems including irregular periods and bleeding issues
  • counseling regarding pregnancy options is available, and referrals for prenatal care or pregnancy terminations are made


To schedule an appointment call: 848-932-7402 or click here for online scheduling