Sports and athletics have rapidly expanded within our culture to include everyone from elite athletes to those who participate in recreational athletics or simply use exercise to stay healthy and active. Our Health Care Providers treat all of the above.

Services cover the spectrum from medical evaluation prior to initiating an exercise program, to diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic injuries. Emphasis is placed on safe participation through injury prevention, optimizing performance, and safely returning to activity after injury or illness.

In the event of an acute injury (a sprained ankle for example), a student may be given an appointment with a primary care provider. Any of our Health Care Providers can make the initial evaluation and order diagnostic testing if indicated.
If deemed necessary, a follow-up visit can be arranged for a sports medicine evaluation. If a student is experiencing a chronic issue (knee pain with running for example), then they can schedule a Sports Medicine evaluation in advance.

Our Health Care Providers also work closely with trainers, physical therapists, orthopedic and podiatric surgeons, nutritionists, and other medical specialists to help individuals reach and maintain their activity goals. Referrals can be made as needed.