December 4, 2017: Rutgers Student Health is currently out of stock of the vaccine for Yellow Fever. Click here for important information regarding vaccine availability.

For information on Rutgers University pre-entrance immunization requirements visit: Pre-Entrance Immunization Requirements.

Vaccines are not just for babies and young children. As we get older, the protection provided by some early childhood vaccines can wear off. We also generally develop risks for more diseases as we get older. For these reasons, college students and young adults need to receive recommended vaccinations.

Don’t assume that you received all recommended vaccinations in the past. Talk to your health care provider about your current health and need for vaccinations.

Rutgers students can get a wide variety of immunizations at RSH.

Reviewing immunization records, screening for routine vaccinations, and updating immunization records is provided by our staff. The consultation and any immunization provided will be submitted to your insurance for payment. Visits and charges will be handled like any other student health center visit for students. (See ELIGIBILITY, FEES FOR USING HEALTH SERVICES ON CAMPUS AND INSURANCE BILLING).

Students, faculty, and staff can also schedule travel health counseling, immunizations, and anti-malarial medication (as appropriate) for travel abroad. Click here for more information.


For questions related to immunizations, call your health care provider or email us: