Allergy injections can be provided according to a prescribed schedule, with allergens and instructions provided by the patient’s private health practitioner.

Personal allergy serums that have specific written  orders and are provided by the student may be refrigerated in the Health Centers and may be administered by registered nurses or licensed practical nurses under the direction of the student’s personal allergist.

An allergy packet has been developed to ensure the safe administration of allergy shots.  The completed allergy packet will contain information from your allergist including: concentration, vial contents, frequency of injections, expiration date of serum, and late or missed injection directions. Rutgers Health Services won’t administer injections from inadequately labeled vials or if instructions are missing or incomplete. Please complete the “allergy packet” and bring it to the health center with your serum.  No injections can be given without a completed allergy packet!

Appointments may be scheduled at any of the health centers, please call ahead to schedule or schedule online, as a physician must be in the building when allergy injections are administered.  For appointments call: 848-932-7402