When the Health Centers are closed and you have a medical question, call the RSH Advice Nurse Line at:


The RSH Advice Nurse Line program is available at no charge to Rutgers University students who need medical advice for their own non-urgent medical problems that arise when our Health Centers are closed.
The RSH Advice Nurse Line provides access to a Registered Nurse with special training in medical telephone advice. These experienced nurses can answer health-related questions and help students decide the best course of action to take. Depending upon the problem, the Advice Nurse staff will help students decide if they should seek immediate medical care, make an appointment with one of the RSH Health Centers when they are open, or take care of themselves with some helpful tips on self-health care.

RSH Advice Nurse Line: 1-800-890-5882

The RSH Advice Nurse Line is produced by SironaHealth using standardized procedures and nationally recognized Clinical Triage Protocols. RSH reviews the calls for quality assurance and to assist with appropriate follow-up with students.


The RSH Advice Nurse Line is NOT to be used for life-threatening emergencies.